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Sunbird - I Plastic Seal

"Sunbird-I" plastic seal is the first plastic seal introduced in India in the year 1982 and it has a proven record.

This Sealing device comprises of a capsule / receptacle And an insert, both connected by a connecting cord. The capsule and the insert have an interlocking arrangement so that when the insert is pressed into the capsule, both the insert and capsule get locked. Once the locking mechanism is meshed it cannot be opened or tampered. This seal can be locked only with the help of specially designed sealing pliers.

This plastic seal can be effectively used on Oil / Chemical/ Milk Tankers Manholes and Valves, Storage Tanks, Electric / Water Meters, Containers, Railway Wagons, Carboys, Jerry Cans Etc. High-rise monogram on one side and high-rise 6 digit non-repeat serial numbers on the other side of the capsule is provided on "Sunbird-I" plastic seal.

"Sunbird-I" plastic seal can be used with 26 OR 28 S.W.G. plain galvanized wires.


  • Oil/Chemical/Milk tankers
  • Storage tanks
  • Railway wagons
  • Carboys
  • Jerry cans etc.