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Sunbird-IV Plastic Seal

Product Details

Type of Seal - SB-IV
Design Registration Number - 189009
Total Length of Seal in MM - 21.00
Breadth of Seal in MM - φ 13.70
Area of Logo - φ 6.00
Material - PC+ HDP

Our "Sunbird-IV" plastic seal is registered with the Patent Office, Government of India, under design registration No. 189009.

High-rise monogram on one side and high-rise 6 digit non-repeat serial numbers on the other side of the capsule is provided on "Sunbird –IV" plastic seal.

"Sunbird –IV" seal can be locked by hand without the help of any tool or sealing pliers. At the slightest attempt of tampering this seal the arrow of the insert breaks and falls into the void space provided at the bottom of the seal. The broken arrowhead cannot be removed from the void space without cutting the body of the seal thus providing a full proof detection of tampering.

The seal can be used with 26 OR 28 S.W.G. plain galvanized wires.

This plastic seal can be used almost on any kind of packaging and applicability is not restricted to the length of the wire. This seal is durable, quick and easy to use and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Sailent Features

  • The seal has a transparent or see-through body with a coloured insert, both connected by a flexible cord.
  • This facilitates easy detection of tampering through visual inspection. One needn't even touch the seal.
  • The seal is durable, quick, easy to use and can withstand extreme weather.
  • It can be locked by hand and doesn't need the help of pliers.

  • Applications

  • Oil/Chemical/Milk tankers
  • Storage tanks
  • Electric/Water meters
  • Containers
  • Railway wagons
  • Carboys
  • Jerry cans etc.